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TECHNÈS, τέχνη : « art », « profession », « production ».
TECHNÈS is an international research partnership on film techniques and technologies, co-directed by André Gaudreault (director of TECHNÈS and of the partnership’s Canadian section), Gilles Mouëllic (director of the French section) and Laurent Le Forestier (director of the Swiss section), and is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2015-2022).

The main mission of TECHNÈS is to rethink the history of cinema and its methods by examining the techniques and technologies that have accompanied and accompany its changes.

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This year, from 13 January to 24 June, the George Eastman Museum presented the exhibition Dreaming in Color: The Davide Turconi Collection of Early Cinema, devoted to the collection of 35mm nitrate photograms established by the Italian historian Davide Turconi. Acquired by the museum in the 1990s, this collection contains more than 23,000 pieces dating for the most part from the early years of cinema (1897-1915).
On 16 June the director of the Cinémathèque québécoise and artistic director of the Festival international du film d’animation d'Annecy, Marcel Jean, received an honorary doctorate from the president of the Université Savoie Mont Blanc, Denis Varaschin. The ceremony was held in the great hall of the Annecy town hall.
Laurent Mannoni – director of film heritage at the Cinémathèque française and director of the Conservatoire des techniques cinématographiques – and Jean-Pierre Verscheure – honorary professor at the Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle in Brussels and director of the historical and analogue department of the sound restoration centre Cinévolution – gave a talk on 8 June entitled Les premiers pas du film sonore sur pellicule: l’exemple du Triergon et du Gaumont-Petersen-Poulsen, as part of which recently digitised “G-P-P” films were screened on new equipment developed in the Cinévolution laboratory in Mons.
La Fémis, with the support of the Université PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres), with which it is associated, and thanks to the work of image and sound editors, has begun disseminating public appearances by numerous filmmakers (panel discussions, master classes, public talks, Q+A sessions) filmed by the school’s students since 1986. The talks given by a dozen filmmakers as part of the “Rencontres de la Fémis” events are currently available on the Fémis site and on the platform of the PSL-Explore digital library.
Canal Savoir broadcast from 4 to 8 June (and will re-broadcast from 7 July to 10 August) a program devoted to the Quebec filmmaker, scriptwriter, editor and producer Jean-Claude Lord. This program, produced by the Institut national de l’image et du son as part of the series L’inis reçoit. . ., can also be viewed on-line.


Good news for the University of Rennes 2 TECHNÈS team!

The BEAUVIATECH research project (Jean-Pierre Beauviala and the Aaton company: Audiovisual Techniques and Their Uses: Historical, Aesthetic, and Practical Modalities), falling within the scope of TECHNÈS, has been awarded funding for the next three years by ANR (French National Research Agency). Directed by Gilles Mouëllic and Jean-Baptiste Massuet, the project aims to study the Aaton company archives at the Cinémathèque française to develop a genealogy of the transition from film to digital. Congratulations to the University of Rennes 2 TECHNÈS team!

The Kyma “making of” on the site Internet Archive

Filmmaker Philippe Baylaucq describing his film Kyma, Power of Waves (still from the capsule Making of Kyma – Storytelling/Mise en récit).

The “making of” capsules created by TECHNÈS during production of the film Kyma, by Philippe Baylaucq, are now available via the TECHNÈS partnership account at the Internet Archive. Kyma is the fruit of a collaboration between the National Film Board of Canada and the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan, where this work for a dome-screen was presented in May 2017. Kyma is an experimental film which explores the structuring effect of waves on the infinitely large, the infinitely small and the “general chaos’ underlying human consciousness.

Re-broadcast of season two of the series Connaissance du cinéma

Beginning August 7, Canal Savoir will re-broadcast season two of the series Connaissance du cinéma as part of its summer programming. This series, conceived and hosted by André Habib, a professor in the Département d’histoire de l’art et d’études cinématographiques at the Université de Montréal, was directed by Joël Lehmann, technical coordinator at the Laboratoire CinéMédias, and produced by TECHNÈS, the Faculté des arts et des sciences de l’Université de Montréal and Canal Savoir. Made up of six 27-minute episodes, season two of Connaissance du cinéma, which seeks out pairs of complementary professions, invites the viewer to plunge into the heart of film technique and technology.

André Gaudreault receives the 2018 Killam Prize in the Humanities

The Killam Prize is awarded to André Gaudreault during the ceremony Bravo à nos chercheurs. From left to right: Sarah Horrocks, of the Killam Trusts, André Gaudreault, René Doyon, professor in the Département de physique, a previous winner of a Killam Award, and Carole Boucher of the Canada Council for the Arts. Photograph by Caroline Dostie.

The director of TECHNÈS, André Gaudreault, has received the 2018 Killam Prize for the Humanities from the Canada Council for the Arts. This prestigious award, intended to highlight the remarkable contributions of Canadian scholars, was bestowed on him at the ceremony Bravo à nos chercheurs, held on 15 May 2018 at the Université de Montréal. The Killam Awards were created by the Killam Trusts through an endowment of Dorothy Killam, who wanted to honour the memory and achievements of her husband, Izaak Walton Killam.

Publications under the research collaboration agreement between TECHNÈS and the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF)

The young scholar and doctoral candidate Thomas Godefroy (Université Rennes 2) has published an article entitled “Quand l’amateur s’y colle: (Modes d’)emploi de la presse à coller les films dans le cinéma amateur entre 1910 et 1930” in the most recent issue of FIAF’s Journal of Film Preservation (no. 98, April 2018). This article will be available on the institutional deposit platform Papyrus beginning in October 2018.

The article “A Rebirth and a Funeral: the Cinémathèque Québécoise Restores a Long-Lost Actuality by Canadian Film Pioneer Léo-Ernest Ouimet”, by Louis Pelletier (Université de Montréal), published in the previous issue of the Journal of Film Preservation (no. 97, April 2017), is now accessible on the Papyrus platform.


TECHNÈS Award for Young Creators

Poster for the TECHNÈS Award by Erwan Geffroy.

TECHNÈS is launching a contest for its Young Creators Award, open to students and recent graduates of universities and film schools in the TECHNÈS partnership. The award of $1,500 CAD (€1,000) for the winning work will be selected in January 2019 by an international jury made up of members of institutions in the TECHNÈS partnership. A work of any kind (film, webfilm, installation, an immersive/interactive work, an audiovisual walk, etc.) which addresses image and sound technologies in a bold manner is eligible for the contest.

TECHNÈS Panel in Regina

From left to right: Philippe Bédard, Annaëlle Winand and Rémy Besson at the 2018 FSAC conference in Regina, Saskatchewan. Photograph by Alice Michaud-Lapointe.

A panel, in French, on Designing the Parcours of the TECHNÈS Encyclopaedia as a Form of Cinema was held on 28 May 2018 at the University of Regina during the annual conference of the Film Studies Association of Canada (FSAC). The panel was made up of the following members of the TECHNÈS team: Rémy Besson (Université de Montréal), “Le responsable de l’éditorialisation, comme créateur d’une écriture cinématographique de l’encyclopédie TECHNÈS”, Annaëlle Winand (Université de Montréal), “Le cinéma de réemploi: enjeux pour la constitution d’un parcours encyclopédique dans le cadre du projet TECHNÈS”, and Philippe Bédard (Université de Montréal), “Performance corporelle dans l’oeil de la caméra: Méthodes d’analyse des caméras d’action et de leur influence sur la représentation du geste”.

TECHNÈS Panel discussion in Bologna

From left to right: Louis Pelletier, Martin Loiperdinger, Ellen Harrington and François Ede in Bologna, Italy. Photograph by André Gaudreault.

On 28 June 2018 the panel discussion “Heritage Cinema Devices in Performance” was held in Bologna. Organised by TECHNÈS during the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival, the discussion was moderated by Louis Pelletier (Université de Montréal) and introduced by André Gaudreault (Université de Montréal). The discussion included specialists in the history of technology and representatives of film and other archives and festivals which organise screenings using period devices: the filmmaker and director of photography François Ede, the film historian Martin Loiperdinger (University of Trier), the director of the Deutsches Filminstitut and of the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt, Ellen Harrington, and the director of the Cineteca di Bologna and of the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival, Gian Luca Farinelli.

Making the documentary Trumbull Land by Grégory Wallet

Grégory Wallet with the filmmaker Denis Villeneuve (left) at the Centre d’essai at the Université de Montréal. Photograph by Justine Chevarie-Cossette.

As part of the project by Grégory Wallet (Université Rennes 2) to make a documentary on the harbinger of immersive cinema and pioneer of special effects, Douglas Trumbull, TECHNÈS had the honour of hosting the filmmaker Denis Villeneuve at the Université de Montréal and to interview him during his visit.

Shooting Trumbull Land at the home of Douglas Trumbull in Southfield, Massachusetts, on Wednesday 6 June 2018. From left to right: Guillaume Kozakiewiez, Douglas Trumbull and Grégory Wallet. Photograph by Joël Lehmann.

Shooting for the documentary, entitled Trumbull Land and produced by Vivement lundi!, then took place in Southfield and Los Angeles. TECHNÈS’ head technician, Joël Lehmann, followed the production crew to meet Douglas Trumbull and learn more about his career, his techniques and his current projects. The initial broadcast of this 52-minute film will take place in November 2018 on the French television network TCM Cinéma.

Participation in the 15th Sorèze conference

Three scholars at Université Rennes 2 associated with TECHNÈS – Gilles Mouëllic, Jean-Baptiste Massuet and Morgan Lefeuvre – presented papers at the 15th edition of the colloque de Sorèze, Acteurs du film? Création partagée entre l’acteur, le réalisateur et les autres membres de l’équipe, which took place from 14 to 16 February 2018 at the abbaye de Sorèze and the École nationale supérieure d’audiovisuel at the Université de Toulouse – Jean Jaurès. 

Study Day: “Usages sociaux des formats réduits

The study day “Usages sociaux des formats réduits”, coordinated by Roxane Hamery (Université Rennes 2), was held on 20 April 2018 at Université Rennes 2. This day was devoted to the study of film discourses and practices connected in particular with the growth of amateur cinema and the evolution of an associative sector such as that of education thanks to the marketing of non-professional cameras and projection equipment from the 1920s onwards. 


Conference on Techniques du cinéma amateur: problèmes d’archives, problèmes d’histoire

The international conference Techniques du cinéma amateur: problèmes d’archives, problèmes d’histoire, organised by Benoît Turquety and Stéphane Tralongo, will be held from 28 to 30 November 2018 at the Université de Lausanne and the Swiss Film Archive. This conference will be an opportunity to re-examine the issues and methods of writing the history of amateur cinema, and in particular through that essential site, the archive.

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